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Pure Poyetry from Newcastle 0-1 Sunderland: ‘some moments are special’

what did he say?'

Gus Poyet rightly hails a fabulous winner and a grand team performance. He cannot quite share our tribal passion but he gets it! Read his post-match e-mail to Monsieur Saliut, and a few other delirious fans, and feel his joy … (more…)

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Pure Poyetry from SAFC v West Ham: solid, improving but still not winning

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

Malcolm Dawson writes…..the first outings for my thermals today and they meant I could more or less enjoy the game. Sixer and I speculated on the walk from car to ground why Gus might have preferred Jozy to Norman Stanley and felt it might have been a strategy to nullify the threat of the pony […]

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Pure Poyetry on the Manchester City defeat: a simple recognition of reality

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'

When you are beaten as comprehensively as at the Stadium of Light last night, there is no point in looking for excuses. Man City were much, much too good for us. Gus Poyet saw that and knows his job is to avoid demoralisation affecting the approach to another tough task, Liverpool away on Saturday. Here’s […]

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Pure Poyetry on Everton draw: ‘fair result and a prize for Seb’

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'

Monsieur Salut writes: Take a look at young Keir Bradwell’s marks out of 10 for Sunderland’s team, and the comments beneath his piece, come back tomorrow to see what old(er) Rob Hutchison made of it and even look at what I had to say at ESPN and you’ll soon accept that everyone views a game […]

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Pure Poyetry after Arsenal: Sunderland so difficult to beat they’ll do it for you!

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'

Malcolm Dawson writes…..it’s part of the manager’s job to be upbeat and seek out the positives. He couldn’t quite do that last week but is back in the groove after two of the most schoolboyish of errors cost the team a point and bit more composure should have seen the Gunners punished for their own […]

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Pure Poyetry: ‘Stoke didn’t deserve to beat us,’ says the boss

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'

Gus Poyet writes to Monsieur Salut after every game. It’s not the most exclusive of communications, going to thousands of other Sunderland fans, too. This is what he made of our exit from the Capital One Cup, robbing us of one of our chances of another trip to Wembley. Sixer’s Sevens spent the night with […]

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Pure Poyetry across the Pennine Way: faint praise for draw at Burnley

what did he say?'

John McCormick writes: This morning I was still hoping I’d get that phone call to tell me there was a spare ticket. I was ready for a last minute rush but I’d have got there. Was I lucky or not? Even our esteemed manager accepts it wasn’t the best game in this, the post match […]

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Pure Poyetry from Birmingham: ‘I knew goals were coming’. Stoke next

Jake: 'let's hope we can still trust in Gus'

Gus Poyet accepts Sunderland made a poor start but is delighted that the goals finally came. Stoke at home in the next round sounds winnable, too. Here’s the boss’s post-match e-mail … (more…)

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Pure Poyetry: Sunderland vs Manchester United ‘showed why fans will love Buckley’

Jake invites support

Gus Poyet, in his post-match e-mail, strikes a justifiably optimistic note. He also singles out a really bright positive to take from the game: the sparkling wing play of Will Buckley. Our new boy’s battle with Blackett was intriguing, but Buckley was its winner. Now let the boss speak for himself … (more…)

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Pure Poyetry from West Bromwich Albion v SAFC: Not a bad way to start?

Jake captures the Bard, with thanks to Owen Lennox

John McCormick writes: I was hoping to make this match but it was not to be and I had to make do with a dodgy feed. When we scored I thought ******, then they scored twice and I thought ****** again, but for different reasons. And then when hope was dying our Viking proved he […]

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Sixer’s Rochdale Soapbox: Pints and points on the wet side of the Pennines

SOAPBOX (featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……..make no mistake. This was no walk in the park and Rochdale made us work hard for the […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Rochdale don’t make it easy but Sunderland get there


John McCormick writes: I should have been there today but life got in the way, as it so often does. […]

Rochdale vs Sunderland: aiming to make it three wins in three

Jake: 'Monsieur Salut must be in a bad mood again - no prize this time'

The most important point to be made about tomorrow night’s game at the Spotland Stadium is that we must aim […]

Rochdale vs Sunderland: hard acts for Dale fans to follow

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Ahead of another important test for Jack Ross’s new-look squad, Salut! Sunderland poses a few questions to Rochdale fans in […]

View from the West Stand: Willis and Maguire leave Portsmouth pointless

View From The West Stand (featured image)

Malcolm Dawson writes……..In a week in which a young bride excitedly looking forward to her honeymoon, wakes to find she […]

Sixer’s sevens: Portsmouth make it heavy at the Stadium of Light

Sixer's Sevens (featured image)

John McCormick writes: Let’s not quibble. We were not good. However, we had enough character to come back from a […]

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