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Salut! Sunderland’s Week: this column has been sent to Coventry

Can we keep the faith?

There really is no need for a review of the week today. All the busy reader of Salut! Sunderland, who gets here only once in a while, needs to do is visit the home page – www.salutsunderland.com – and take a look at the six most recent articles all displayed there and available for further […]

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The New Tate: ’25 away end tickets, please’, says Swansea’s Murton lad

From Jim's Facebook page

There are lots of reasons why Monsieur Salut has never faced the dilemma of playing for another team against Sunderland. (more…)

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SAFC v Swansea ‘Who are You?’: loving every ‘awesome’ minute of it

me at cardiff

Football fans don’t get much more involved than Jim White*, who’ll be in the away end for Sunderland v Swansea. Jim is vice-chairman of the Swans Trust (the supporters’ group that owns 20 per cent of the club, a unique phenomenon in the Premier), runs the fan site SCFC2.co.uk and gets to loads of games. […]

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Soapbox: my Swansea diary as a long day closes

Pete Sixsmith‘s test messages from South Wales suggested a day that peaked with his pre-match pint in Port Talbot and went downhill on reaching the Liberty Stadium in Swansea. At least he was spared a third defeat in a week. This is the blow-by-blow account of his day … It was a long, long day […]

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Sixer’s Sevens: Swansea City 0 Sunderland 0 … pure drudgery

This is where Pete Sixsmith captures the glory or shame, hope or despair, excitement or ennui of each Sunderland game. After a grim week, the action moved to the Liberty stadium in Swansea. And it was not a pretty sight. Gyan, “not at the races” and maybe with his mind on an onward move according […]

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After Newcastle & Brighton, will Swansea improve on a week to forget?

This is the latest edition of Salut! Sunderland’s Week. Pete Sixsmith has worked his not inconsiderable backside off for us in the past seven days. Some of you clearly think he deserves some beer money; he’ll get some, once we’ve recorded our first win of the season, from the proceeds of the mugs and pens […]

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Swansea revisited: looking forward to the Liberty

From that Soapbox of his, memories rekindled by the half of shandy’s worth of commission he’s earned from sales of mugs and pens, Pete Sixsmith looks back on what Swansea Away used to mean, and ahead to the Liberty stadium. Swansea as Steve Bruce’s Swansong? Some of us still hope nothing happens tomorrow to make […]

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The Swansea Who Are You?: ‘just let us stay up’

For a time, I worried it wasn’t going to come. There is no greater stress, I said, than the “Who Are You?” series. Then, in the nick of time, Phil Sumbler*, chairman of the Swans Trust (swanstrust.co.uk) – a remarkable example of supporter involvement in a football club – and leading light at the planetswans.co.uk […]

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Soapbox: Carling Cup cop-out, then the trek to Swansea

Back from Brighton at 5pm today. Off to Swansea at 4am on Saturday, back with any luck by midnight. That is dedication, Mr Bruce, and Pete Sixsmith is far from alone in showing it, game after game. In return, last night at any rate, they were shortchanged … I notice that M Salut is running […]

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Stop fretting about Swansea: get your Monday lie-in here

The people at – or speaking for – Yahoo tell me Salut! Sunderland readers gave a great response to the Monday lie-in competition. The what? That’s what you’ll be asking if you missed it first time round when I cynically linked it to a certain game most of us wish to forget (there are loads […]

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The end of an era. Salut! Sunderland’s journey will soon be over

Jake: 'where do we go from here?'


View from the West Stand: did the tide turn as the Blackpool Seasiders came to Wearside?

View From The West Stand (featured image)

Who’d have thought not long ago that we would be feeling happy with another one all draw? It may not […]

Sixer’s Sevens: Blackpool prove a rock too hard to crack for 10-man SAFC


Monsieur Salut writes: Pete Sixsmith was doubtless relieved to be on Santa duty and not at the Stadium of Light […]

Salut Sunderland’s 13 years, 13 managers (4) Martin O’Neill and hopes unfulfilled

Salut Banner3(featured image)

John McCormick writes: Jer posted this comment in response to Colin’s piece on Charlie Methven’s resignation as a director: ‘Stopped […]

The Chapman Report from Gillingham: We just can’t carry on like this!

Salut Banner4(featured image)

John McCormick writes: when the fixtures came out this one was on my list, though as things turned out I […]

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